Stage 1

Chepstow to Monmouth: 17 miles.

From Chepstow Castle, the Monmouthshire leaves the town by following the Wye Valley Walk uphill towards Chepstow Leisure Centre. However, instead of following the Wye Valley Walk into the woodland, the route visits the ruined mansion house of Piercefield House. Soon afterwards the Wye Valley Walk is re-joined and is followed to Tintern, a village that is dominated by the Cistercian Abbey that is positioned on the banks of the River Wye.

At Tintern, the route leaves the Wye Valley Walk and climbs to Barbadoes Green and then follows ancient tracks and well walked paths to the medieval town of Trellech. The extent of the town is still being discovered due to recent archaelogical work.

Ancient woodland is visited on route to The Narth and a long descent to Whitebrook follows where the Wye Valley Walk is re-joined. Walking north along the western bank of the River Wye, the river is crossed at Redbrook and the Offa's Dyke path is then joined as it climbs to the Kymin. Here magnificent views west towards the Black Mountains beyond the town of Monmouth will surely be enjoyed. A straightforward descent to Monmouth finishes this stage.